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October Market Commentary

At Kapitall, I've been posting a lot more question and answer articles lately.  Using what Kapitall users what investors have to say and think is provides much more useful insight than  that listening to my Wall Street buddies. 

Below are the links to my October articles:

Ask Neubert: Does Apple Belong On The Buy And Hold List?

Is Apple (AAPL) a good investment? Or is it a buy and sell trade?

Ask Neubert: The Gold Bubble - A Very Strange Animal

Questions about Gold (GLD). Is Gold overpriced?

Ask Neubert: Economics, Emerging Markets and Caterpillar

Is Caterpillar (CAT) reflecting a recovering economy?

Ask Neubert: Steel Dynamics

A Kapitallist shows me her analysis of Steel Dynamics.  it takes me months of watching the company and the sector before I feel confident enough to buy STLD for a long term investment.

I own: STLD, AAPL, CAT and GLD

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