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Answering Financial Questions On Kapitall

Part of my job at Kapitall is to answer user questions about the financial markets and investing.   The users send me mail inside Kapitall's social network system.  I coined the term "k-mail" and it caught on)..  I pick the most interesting ones and share my answers with the community.  Here are links to the most recent batch of questions. Questions range from when to buy gold and stocks to my favorite topic: how little investors taking advantage of hedge funds.

Can You Time Gold?
Should you try to time gold or just stick to
stocks and play hoops?

When To Buy or Sell The Stock Market? Interest Rates Matter More Than The Economy
Low interest rates have more effect on the market right now.

When Do 401K Funds Buy?
Can you take advantage of the timing of a mutual fund buying to profit?

Market Impact
How long does it take to buy $10mm of a stock.

What is Window Dressing?
How do mutual funds and hedge fund engage in window dressing and how can you profit from it.

Does Book Value Matter?
Is a stock at a good bargain value if the book value is higher than the market value?

What is a Contrarian Buy and Hold - Part 1
Pundits are all over the media saying buy and hold is a dead strategy - makes me want to do it.

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