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January Commentary on Kapitall


It's time to think about putting yourself back on that investing path.  If you're new to investing start doing some practice trading and learning at Kapitall.  Then, pay off your credit card debt if you have any. After that put some money in your savings. When you're ready, and have a little confidence pick an online broker and open an account.  Be conservative and slow with your investment choices at first. Below are the links to my January articles:



Ask Neubert: Kapitallist Community Says, "Go With Grandma"

The polls are in: Grandma wins the Wal-Mart (WMT) vs. Target (TGT) Dilemma



Ask Neubert: Kapitallist Response to "Do I Do What Grandma Says?"

Here are the individual responses to the Wal-Mart (WMT) vs. Target (TGT) article



Ask Neubert: Best Value Oil Stock--Buy Shell, Sell Exxon

Why I switched out Exxon (XOM) with Shell (RDS.A)

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