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Adding TEVA Pharmaceuticals to My Portfolios at Kapitall

I used the market pullback over the last couple days to add the pharmaceutical company TEVA (TEVA $49.22) to my portfolios. They have a good generic drug business which ads stability. With a POP (forward price earnings ratio) of 9 and a dividend yield of 1.6%, the company is also attractively valued.

I think the entire pharmaceutical sector offers a compelling value opportunity. I'm pretty skewed towards drug companies, so this will likely be the last one I add. Attached to this mail is an article I wrote in February about value in the pharma sector. It still applies today.

If you've been watching my portfolios you'll know that I've been holding cash waiting for just this opportunity.

My Model Portfolio
The Value Portfolio is about 20% cash - that's because I'm having difficulty finding value outside of the pharmaceutical and mining sectors. And, because I want to stay diversified, I keep lots of cash on hand waiting for a time when value returns to the market. The Value Portfolio is underperforming the S&P500. All that cash means that it doesn't keep up with the market as it rises.

My Personal Real Money Portfolio:
At about 10%, my Contrarian Buy and Hold Portfolio has less cash. The portfolio is beating the S&P benchmark since inception in Kapitall. It holds much less cash, and thus moves better with the market.

I'll share my real money portfolio and value portfolio with you if you join Kapitall and ask me.



This note has been previously disseminated to my contacts at Kapitall.com.

I own TEVA and every stock in the represented portfolios.

My claims of portfolio performance are based on my historical performance. The Value Portfolio represents theoretical transactions while the Contrarian Buy and Hold portfolio shows actual transactions I've done in my account.

While I believe the data I am using to measure performance is accurate, I cannot make any representations.

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