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USA Today Feature - See My Bald Head in USA Today

Are you smarter than a fifth-grader at investing?
Why not start learning at a young age?  I've given presentations to 5th and 6th graders in Salinas, California and The Bronx in New York.  Most recently, I took a field trip to Cold Spring Elementary in Potomac, Maryland and USA Today 's Greg Toppo was on hand to cover it.

Mrs. Sellitti's 5th graders used Kapitall.com to learn about investing this semester.  Kapitall, where I am a co-founder, was the tool at the center of the lesson plan Mrs. Selletti created.  The colorful and user-friendly trading tool to both grown-ups and kids alike; as Toppo puts it, "the quandary of not knowing what's going to happen next--but needing to make moves as if you do--is the site's secret thrill." These 5th graders meant serious business when it came to their virtual portfolio management; after just a few short months they were even teaching old pros like me a thing or two.

For student Sheila Saur, investing became an "adventure game," while Will Sherman became"addicted to experimenting with stocks."  While there may be "no gnomes, swords or magic potions" Kapitall's "layered, thorny challenges" were every bit as captivating as a video game to these young users.  And that's a good thing as Kapitall uses game mechanics as well as a fun and easy voice to help novice investors learn and build for their future.

Are You Smarter Than a College Student at Investing?
I've done presentations for the investment clubs at MIT,  Boston University and NYU.  I've also judged competitions at MIT Sloan School and Johns Hopkins.  If you'd like me to come to your school, send me a message via the Kapitall.com website.

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