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How to Stress Out Interns

Today, I set up a trading account at TDAmeritrade for the Kapitall interns.  I allocated each $1000 to trade in my account.  While I have veto power for anything stupid they might do, they have full discretion.  After spending time with practice portfolios, knowing the money is real creates a whole new level of stress.  It makes me want to come into the office each day just to watch.

I am reminded of the old days when I would hire new traders and harass them mercilessly into learning how to be a good trader.  You would think that kind of oppression would discourage talented people, instead they enjoyed it.  I think we all enjoyed it, the key was to never be mean or raise your voice.  And at the end of the day have a useful lesson expressed in a serious and thoughtful way.  While I wasn't always good at following the yelling rule,  I knew my teasing was working when the young traders started coming back at me.

You can follow their trading antics at a blog they created called Summer Investor.

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