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Kapitall Launches Live Trading With TDAmeritrade

Kapitall now has real trading with TDAmeritrade.  As a co-founder I am part-time tester Kapitall, I tried to break our trading product and succeeded on several occasions.  That's what technology testing is all about, and an important part of why trading in Kapitall works now.   After all, if you can't find mistakes in the early versions of software you're doing something wrong.   If you sign up as a tester at Kapitall you can import your TDAmeritrade or  build a portfolio of your own.

Although Kapitall is the fourth trading front end I've worked on in my career, it's my first retail product.  I was a head trader Morgan Stanley and head of equity trading strategy at Lehman Brothers.  I had the honor to with some greatest trading technologists on earth - people you've never heard of like Steve Lieblich and John Armstrong.  Working with people from varied and seemingly unrelated backgrounds has been great.   At Kapitall.com I work with a group of talented and eclectic individuals with Cordell Ratzlaff, head of human interaction at Apple and Cisco ; Serge Kreiker, ex-lead trading systems developer at Bloomberg; Gaspard De Druezy, video game producer; Sally Wood, ex - president of the family education product at Pearson;  Eben Esterhuizen, Chartered Financial Analyst and financial writer; and Stephan Roche formerly head of marketing and sales from Sharebuilder.

Working with a group whose members have a diverse creative experience makes communication interesting, intellectually challenging and always educational.  I highly recommend it.

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