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Investment Update: ValueAppeal Gets Additional Funding

ValueAppeal is an online tool for challenging and lowering property tax investments.  It is also one our private equity investments.  Today, the company announced additional funding.  

I hope you try out the service.   It's a great business model for the consumer.  You fill out a form with the address of your property, your tax assessment is a public record and they can tell you if it's too high based on comparisons.  If your assessment is too high they offer to create and fill out all the necessary forms for you.  The charge is $99.  If the assessment appeal fails they refund your $99. 

I tried my house and it was not over-assessed.  There wasn't much for me to do except rest easy.  Are your property taxes too high?

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July 25, 2011 at 3:55AM | Unregistered CommenterOneilJanice

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