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Quoted at CNBC: End of the World 2012 - How to Profit


This is a pretty minor quote but how often does a financial commentator get quoted as an expert on apocalyptic investing?

I wanted to be seen as clever but the reporter used me as the serious trader.  I'm always the contrarian to the END.

"Ignore 2012 completely," Neubert says. "If gold rallies because people associate an earthquake or hurricanes with the end of the world, take the other side. Do not try to anticipate panic; that never works."

I've been asked for advice several times about how to best position a portfolio for 2012.  You only have two options: 1. Do nothing. 2. Sell everything, quit your job and party your butt off for the next 18 months.

The whole 2012 mania reminds me of a cartoon from a financial paper in the late 80's.  My memory is severely encumbered by the haze that surrounds my college years but it is something like this:  There is a picture of a guy watching the evening business news.  The commentator says something like, "The Dow fell 1000 points on news that the earth would be hit by a meteor in two days.  Later, the market rebounded 80 points on better employment data for September."

Find the cartoon for me and I'll let you hang out in my bunker.


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