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Four Easy Ways to Save Money On Your Monthly Bills

I was on with Live at Five News Anchor Marni Hughs today talking about saving money on your bills without changing your lifestyle or spending habits.


Four Money Saving Ideas for 2012:

1. Getting rid of their home phone line and going 100 off the mobile phone.  This is very common among the young but there is no reason two have two phone numbers these days.

2. Home Entertainment: Do you really need all those channels?   A combination of internet OnDemand services from Amazon, iTunes or Hulu for just those shows you like can be cheaper than full service cable.

3. Bank Fees.  Changing banks is much easier than you think.  Also if you have multiple family bank accounts you can combine them under one "relationship" to meet minimum balance requirements at one bank.

4. If you are lucky enough to have a mortgage you can an afford, refinance it.   Rates are lower than ever.  This can be a bit tough because banks are denying refinancing to customers they would have approved last year but you should try anyway and don't stop at just one bank.