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Kapitall in Barrons

From Barrons March 12, 20012When students ask me what books to read to learn about investing, I tell them to start reading Barron’s.  I started reading Barron’s in college.  Yes, I was a serious finance nerd then too.  It is my favorite and most educational financial publication.   I am old enough to remember the first Barron's online brokerage survey 17 years ago. I never dreamed I would be part of a team that would go on to build a broker included ON the list.  For me, this is a thrilling moment and the biggest milestone at Kapitall so far.

I would not want Kapitall's first appearance on the list to be anywhere but dead last.  Kapitall Generation has only been open a month, has no mobile offering, no mutual funds, no options, no margin and no shorting.   With only a minimal offering we still rank importantly enough to be part of the universe they judge.   And we made it on the best for novices ranking.  It means Barrons get's our message. 

From what we are hearing from friends at competitors this is a real milestone and Kapitall is now the broker to watch. 

Congratulations and thank you to every one who has been involved with and contributed to the Kapitall over the past four years. 



Pros: New kid on the block with a game-like trading and research interface. Full review published 2/25/2012 on Barron's Online (Electronic Investor "Shopping for Stocks").

Cons: For now, you can only trade stocks long with Kapitall – no margin, no options, and no mobile

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