November Commentary at Kapitall

My wife and I had a baby boy this month and I've been late in answering emails and interacting with the Kapitall community. Below are the links to my November articles:

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October Market Commentary

At Kapitall, I've been posting a lot more question and answer articles lately.  Using what Kapitall users what investors have to say and think is provides much more useful insight than  that listening to my Wall Street buddies.
Below are the links to my October articles:

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Shareholder Democracy Trumps Socially Responsible Investing

Because of my association with ThePanelist, Forbes.com expected me to write an article defending socially responsible investing. I changed my focus and talked about the pros and cons of investing strategies based on virtue or vice . I go on to discuss how strong shareholder activism can be more effective in influencing companies than selling their stocks.

And because it's Forbes, I had to include a list. In this ...

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Ask Neubert: The Gold Bubble - A Very Strange Animal

amethyst gold & silverThanks to Hercial Vitalis for getting back to ranting about the gold bubble again. Lately, I've received a number of emails from users with various versions of the same few statements and questions:
1) I own gold and it's going to go up forever - the world economy is coming to and end.
2) I own gold and when do I get out?
3) When do you short gold and silver?

My response?

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Ask Neubert: Economics, Emerging Markets and Caterpillar


I recently received an email from a regular Kapitall user, with some very timely questions. Here's his original message, along with my response....

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Interviewed by Zack Miller for Kapitall

I was interviewed by Zack Miller, author of the book Tradestreaming , Monday.  His blog presents the best possible tools for investors to make good decisions.  We spoke about Kapitall and its uses for new investors. 

I am really impressed at how he related my explanation of why Kapitall uses P/E ratios instead of prices on company icons.   Most investors think Google is expensive relative to Microsoft because ones $500 a share and the other $25.  There are true measure of valuation.  At Kapitall, we have tried to move new investors away from looking at price and instead to focus on value.  POP is the way we do that.

You can listen to Miller's podcast at NewRulesOfInvesting.com .

Answering Financial Questions On Kapitall

Part of my job at Kapitall is to answer user questions about the financial markets and investing.   The users send me mail inside Kapitall's social network system.  I coined the term "k-mail" and it caught on)..  I pick the most interesting ones and share my answers with the community.  Here are links to the most recent batch of questions. Questions range from when to buy gold and stocks to my favorite topic: how little investors taking advantage of hedge funds.

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Investment Status: Brother Jimmy's Wins Best BBQ in New York City 2010


Interviewed by Portfolioist

Featured in Portfolioist today.  Nanette Burns and I talk about how individual investors can beat institutional investors and hedge funds. You can read the entire interview in the smart investing smart investing section of Portfolioist.com

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Kapitall Launches Live Trading With TDAmeritrade

Kapitall announced real trading with TDAmeritrade.  As an amateur and part-time tester Kapitall, I tried to break our trading product and succeeded on several occasions. 

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