How to Stress Out Interns

Today, I set up a trading account at TDAmeritrade for the Kapitall interns.  I allocated each $1000 to trade in my account.  While I have veto power for anything stupid they might do, they have full discretion.  After spending time with practice portfolios, knowing the money is real creates a whole new level of stress.  It makes me want to come into the office each day just to watch.

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USA Today Feature - See My Bald Head in USA Today

Are you smarter than a fifth-grader at investing? Why not start learning investing at a young age? I've given presentations to 5th and 6th graders in Salinas, California and The Bronx in New York. Most recently, I took a field trip to Cold Spring Elementary in Potomac, Maryland and USA Today's Greg Toppo was on hand to cover it. Investing has become something everyone must learn.

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Performance Space 122 Gala

Butoh RockettesThe PS122 Gala was just about the best gala/fundraiser I've ever attended. Lucy Sexton has been the goto girl for Performance Space 122 but this year she really pulled it off fantastically. She always comes through with celebrities and wonderful entertainment. This year, instead of the usual sit down rubber chicken event, PS took over the Abrons Art Center for a pre-party, post-party and high quality performances that included Lucy dancing nude.

There was celebrity spotting: Fashion Guri Isaac Mizrahi, long time PS122 friend, Claire Danes and Man on a Wire subject Phillippe Petit. After spending cash on a sponsorship, the silent auction, I managed to acquire (via an additional $100 donation) a 5 x 8 photo of Petit.  Artistic Director, Vallejo Gantner ran off to get them signed for myself and my guests who I basically forced into buying them as well.

I left with a lighter wallet and a happy head.


Comcast: Is It a Paper Doll or Living Room

Decorate your house?  I know this is commercial but once you get by I think it's pretty cool.  I'm sure my 10 year old neice would think it is even cooler than I do. Well done Comcast.  How come they don't have a dress up a doll with paper clothes?  Oh that already exists.



Google and The Future of Newspapers, Not Again

REALLY?  Isn't everyone sick of hearing about how the web has killed newspapers?

iBreakfast is having an online media versus the print newspaper event? Hasn't this issue been totally picked over by the likes of Ariana Huffington  (Huffington Post) Malcolm Gladwell (author and expert of the blatantly obvious), MediaBistro (everything you ever did and didn't want to now about the media industry), Craig Newmark (most hated man by print media publishers), Michael Wolf (I understand the internet better than you) and the subject of too many conferences to mention.  I've participated in two iBreakfast events and, in general, find the focus on forced networking requires a drink or two.  But the one or two tidbits one can glean from the speakers usually make the event worth while. 


Quoted: Reuters - Why does the Market Close on Good Friday

Why is Good Friday a Stock Market Holiday

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Goldman Sachs Program Trading

I wrote an article about Goldman Sachs program trading that I hope doesn't create too much controversy for  I debated putting it on my own website instead but thought my explanation was pretty balanced.  

In the disclosure section I talk about what I've done since leaving Morgan Stanley as well.


911 For Math 

A four year old calls 911 for help with his "take aways". Apparently, his mother couldn't be asked to help him with his subtraction emergency.





AT&T Annual Meeting and Proxy Vote

1.) The ATT Proxy has the election of all 15 directors: This is a complete slate and not staggered. Good. The compensation for being a director of ATT is $284,000. This is a part time job. All of these people have full time jobs doing something else. Normally, I would only vote against the members of the compensation committee if the CEO were overpaid. In this case, the board is overpaid and I have to vote AGAINST all directors. 2.) Ratification of Independent Auditors:

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Twitter Instead of Face to Face Communication

I'm starting to think that many people use Twitter to communicate when a phone call would do.  A cartoon at Being Five sums it up.